Mario 64 Editing Tools
Toad's Tool 64

A Super Mario 64 Level Editor. Currently in Public Beta form.

Download Here!

Super Mario 64 ROM Extender 1.3b

This tool will create a decompressed version of the Super Mario 64 ROM using the ROM you provide.
It takes the MIO0 compressed data and appends the decompressed data at the end of the ROM file,
with some extra space for future expansion.

New: Version 1.3b will now pad the ROM with 0x01 in the Mac version, to match the Windows version.

A bug in the Windows version where the MIO0files folder would not be created when unzipping should be fixed.

New: Version 1.2b improves error handling and ROM version checking.

You will need this tool to be able to use Toad's Tool 64!

Download the Windows version of M64 ROM Extender 1.3b

Download the Mac OS X version of M64 ROM Extender 1.3.1b

Note: This page will not provide any ROM whatsoever.

Super Mario 64 Text Wrangler 1.1b

This tool enables editing of most of the text found in Super Mario 64. Requires an extended Mario 64 ROM.

(06/04/2007) Update! Version 1.1b can now edit level names and act names!

Download the Windows version of M64 Text Wrangler 1.1b

Download the Mac OS X version of M64 Text Wrangler 1.1b


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