StarFox Level Editor
Presenting a prerelease version of a StarFox Level Editor.
SFXed Screenshot
SFXed Screenshot

This program is far from being complete, use at your own risks.

Before downloading SFXedit you may try the older online version to see how it works.
SFXedit 0.8b Online Shockwave Demo Page



Please read the included ReadMe file!
May 28,2005 New version 0.93 with more complete documentation.
A few bug fixes and a new object viewer that can export models to WaveFront .OBJ format.

Windows version.
Download SFXedit 0.93b Windows Edition

Mac OS X version.
Download SFXedit 0.93b Mac OS X Edition


Online Demos

Older online Shockwave object viewer for StarFox 1 & 2.
SFX 1 & 2 Polygon Objects viewer

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Thanks to Argonaut and Nintendo for creating this memorable experience
that was the original Super NES StarFox with the FX chip!

Note: this level editor was not created by either companies.

It's free for your own entertainment and experimentation.