Toad's Tool 64 is the first and only graphically oriented Super Mario 64 level editor.

You can take a look at a video demonstration on YouTube.

TT64 is currently in Public Beta form, and documentation is a work in progress.
A forum is available (please read the rules before posting!)

2008-10-19: Version 5.991b is out: Now supports Vista and intel Macs natively!
A lot of bug fixes in this version. Look in the forum for more details.

2008-10-19: Version 5.992b: Fixed a font problem with Windows Vista.

2008-11-2: Version 5.994b: Fixed the texture importer, and many other bugs.

Download the Windows (XP and Vista) version of Toad's Tool 64 Beta v0.5.994b

Download the Mac OS X (Universal - intel & PPC) version of Tool 64 Beta v0.5.994b

Important: You'll need to "Extend" the Mario 64 ROM you provide, using
SM64 ROM Extender utility that can be found on the
Mario 64 Editing Tool page

Note: This page will not provide and or link to any ROM whatsoever.

Toad's Tool 64 is totally free, and will remain so forever, but if you want to
donate via PayPal to show your appreciation, don't hesitate to do it :)

If you can't or don't want to, you can still enjoy TT64!

A big thank you to everyone who donated!

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