Peach's Castle Flying Demo

This Demo enables you to fly around Peach's Castle in your browser, as decoded from Mario 64.
Three other levels are available.

Shift = Moves forward • Ctrl = Moves backward • Alt = Hold to fly faster
Click and drag mouse on the scene to rotate the camera and flying direction
Click the little green house to reset the camera position and rotation

Note: It may be possible that your video-card or system setup is incompatible with the Shockwave 3d engine.
In that case the demo will fallback to the software engine, which is much slower (and uglier).
Lack of free memory can also cause the software engine to be used.

Requires the Shockwave plug-in version 10.x

Toad's Tool 64 is a Super Mario 64 level editor for Windows and Mac OS. Currently in Beta phase.

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